Ballard Infill – 64th St and 17th Ave NW



This single family home with a detached garage was on a single lot. It was recently subdivided into (7) separate parcels for (7) new 3 story row homes (one level below grade). Just a few blocks in any direction of this site and you hit a dozen projects just like it. A neighborhood rapidly changing over from single-family homes with yards to multi-family apartments and condos is quite interesting given it was rezoned to LR1 (low-rise housing) not too long ago. This zoning promotes a denser living arrangement allowing for diversity in types of housing and making a streamlined transition between old single-family lots and new density so the result is not overshadowing the majority of housing already existing in a particular neighborhood.


The owner was a bit tricky to track down, Dan Duffus with Soleil Improvement Company filed with WA State for a business license in 2000 and I finally found their website to share. He now operates under Blueprint Capitol. Many of their small team members came from Pb Elemental, an old trendy firm cashing in on crappy modern boxes back in Seattle before the crash of 2008.

A.N.A. permit and design or Ana Buttery is listed as the applicant and has no website. Appears she works with her husband. I snapped these shots from the plan submittal cover sheet of renderings done for the project.

rendering-01 rendering-02

img_7264img_7248             img_7262

We are so busy with construction in this city that there was a sign I hadn’t seen yet. ‘Construction Carpenter Wanted’, must have your own tools and truck. This is distrubing for (2) reasons:

  1. they should have had a guy lined up long ago at this late stage in the game
  2. the one they had lined up walked out because something was amiss


One sign I was happy to find was the ‘Protected Tree’ sign. There were (2) onsite in the ROW and they are beautiful, even if leaf-less currently.


Scaffolding is shown at the rear of the site where it borders the adjacent lot to the north. They were hanging the first of the hardie panels over the wrapped portion of the building and there is more under the building overhang ready to be hung on Monday, although it is soppy wet and only half under the awning (other half is getting rained on).


Flashing is flapping in the wind not being taped down or with corner protection. Not sure why this wasn’t done before leaving the jobsite in this condition. It can rip and is penetrated, rendering it useless to complete it’s job of protecting the envelope from weather damage.


Also not sure why this building isn’t already wrapped with building paper given we are in the middle of the wet season, but it is creating some problems that are soaking in water. This building corner detail is soppy and coming apart at the wet ends where the water runs down and soaks into the edges. You can also see it where the sheathing fastens to the top of the foundation and the water is even being absorbed by the concrete.


The concrete wells at each unit’s entry have 4-5 inches of standing water in them and there is no where for it to escape.


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