Ballard Infill – Ballard Lofts LLC

This home above has been demolished for a 5-story, 72 unit European style-loft apartments at the corner of 64th and 24th in Ballard. There will be an additional 5,770 sq. ft. of retail at street level and parking for 5 retail parking spaces at grade and two levels below grade for 79 vehicles. I did a site walk to see the project was fully framed and wrapped with sheet product and some parts were clad in the final exterior material.

There were some strange concrete grooves in the structural columns framing the ground floor retail that I am curious to see how it will be finished and fit with the final design and aesthetic. Ballard Lofts LLC is the owner on the permit and William Parks Inc. is the developer. Johnston Architects designed these are a few renderings from their website:

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