Capitol Hill Infill – Fire Station #22


The Roanoke exit to Capitol Hill (and the future of the 520 lid) on I-5 will take you by a peculiar project taking shape. Fire Station #22 will be completed at the end of summer 2017 and will house (4) full time staff in about 10,000 SF of space. The city requested a levy for the project a few years ago for people to contribute to the funding through taxation and the response is found here. Also more on the levy found on Capitol Hill Seattle’s blog post. What was going to cost $4.8 million when the initial levy was voted on was bid out at $11.7 million.

Weinstein + AU is the architect and I found a rendering on their website of a final image:


img_7290 img_7291 img_7292 img_7293 img_7294 img_7295 img_7297 img_7298 img_7299 img_7300 img_7301 img_7302

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