Fremont Infill – 36 Fremont Green

I passed this site last weekend unexpectedly. My husband and I had just enjoyed dinner and were going to a friends house when we made a stop to snap photos of a super-block development right where 36th Street becomes Leary Way in ‘Fre-lard’. After some research, I discovered the name 36 Fremont Green is what the 66-unit apartment building will called after it is completed. There will be parking for 16 vehicles underneath the structure and 3,500 SF of retail at grade, making it a mixed-use project with one live-work unit on the ground floor.

IMG_2628 IMG_2629 IMG_2630

The building has been framed, sheathed, and an air barrier of sheet material has been applied (the yellow paper w/ logos on it). The next phases are hanging the exterior cladding and popping in the storefront glazing systems in at the ground floor. The permit was only issued last summer so they have made good progress considering the slow construction during winter months and the demolition of existing structures on the site had to take place before the structural foundation could be poured.

Gramor Group – a commercial and multi-family real estate developer in Greenlake, applied for an LLC license in 2013 under the name ’36 Fremont Green’ specific to this property. According to the signs on the construction fence, the restaurant/retail portion is available saying Spring of 2015 – now (ladies and gentlemen) you can open up that dream cafe or shoe shop right in the heart of Fremont.



Redhawk Group is the General Contractor on site and Caron Architecture is responsible for the design (they both have worked with Gramor on more than just this project) and I have a few renderings from their website to share:

Render_36FremontGreen_01 Render_36FremontGreen_02


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