Fremont Infill – Fremont Green TOD mid-rise

It’s the time again¬†– a Fremont Avenue post for the New Year. This is a big one.

Orange Tea School has a notice for land use application sign and the tale-tale sign of graffiti (meaning abandoned property inviting those who look to vandalize or squat!).



I was able to find the project on Seattle’s DCI website. They are planning on constructing (2) buildings, the east one facing Fremont Ave and the west one facing the alley. Both buildings are planned to be (5) stories each with a roof top deck and no parking. Each floor will be a studio unit except the basement level, which will be a (2) story unit. Lemons Architecture is behind the design and I have found a rendering from their website showing the site cut away and revealing the slope which you can’t convey from the front street facade:


The typical floor plan shows how tight the quarters will be and how the stairs eat into almost a quarter for each floor plan. What isn’t shown is the proximity to the adjacent property that will also be very tight, but it won’t be any different than their current condition, it will just be quite pinched for light and air now that the new buildings are (4) story instead of the one. And also having (8) times the amount of people on the property than before. I am curious to see how this one comes along and if they do keep the dark metal siding shown in the renderings because that could make it a knockout project in the end!



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