January 2017 Favorites


HUGE fan of martinis here. Pretty much exclusively gin-based, but I would never turn down a vodka base. I like them semi-dry to extra dry and I like them with any number of garnish. Pickled onion to make it a Gibson. Soy-soaked green onion for a change to the New Gibson. Lemon twist for a presidential martini. And my usual go-to, triple olive of the liquid dinner variety or smoked olive with some of the juice poured in for a dirty martini with style. Ratio usually 2 parts gin to 1 part vermouth and the garnish because I am lazy and that is easy to remember and oh-so tasty.


Pemberton, BC is a farming community north of Whistler that was our Christmas winter wonderland for the holidays. They are known for their seed potato crop and piggy-backing off the martini train, they had a distillery that was a delight to visit. The gin is potato-based and the taste we had was like drinking a martini without the vermouth it was so aromatic and easy-sipping. I recommend this quiet town if you want the scenery without all the Whistler hustle-bustle. The skiing is phenomenal and the frozen lakes to glacier topped mountains can’t be beat.

Noah Forbes photo

Noah Forbes is a wonderful photographer and friend of ours here in Seattle. He recently made the cover of Edible Seattle with a story on Oysters in the Olympic Peninsula. Look out for his travel photos and more food photography in the future! And please check out his website!


Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam concert at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard was stunning. Hamilton’s pedigree is his position as front-man for The Walkman, a band that got me through most of college. Their impressive output of seven albums were enough to keep me shifting through the music depending on my mood and study session at hand. I never saw The Walkman live. It’s something I don’t regret, but something I find odd given how much I loved their music. It must have never been on the mind when looking for live shows to book and they weren’t really in the festival circuits where I would check many bands off my list to see live. Anyway, this was long overdue and much appreciated. Their first and only album has been a nice way to get me through the cold of the fall and this winter.


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