July 2017 Favorites

Summer has blessed us with many visitors and these two lovelies hail from Phoenix-Dallas. In transition from one place to the next, they came to Seattle to enjoy the Olympic Peninsula on their wedding anniversary and stopped at our place for respite before and afterwards. We celebrated the fourth with a roaring twenties concert at the Ballard Lockes and picnicked with some rainier cherries in their prime ripeness.

For my husband’s birthday this year we had got a rare river permit for the Selway in Idaho. We were gearing up to go, knowing the river levels might be questionable being so late in the season for water. The Selway did end up being low and our travel-mates were scared of the flow rates, which could mean portaging parts of the journey and worrying about finishing in the time limit the permit allotted. We opted for a Bend, OR mountain biking trip instead, 3 days of cross country riding and getting out to the far reaches of the area by pedal. We ended up on the last day in the town’s annual 100-mile enduro race and got a feel for what it would be like to race, cheering those on who needed it. The weather was hot and the ground dusty, but we were all smiles, even with a good fall or two under my belt.

Crazy creeks or those like it. What would I do without this camping what-once-was-frivolous-turned-now-necessity? We camp so much in the summer in Washington because were I grew up in Texas, camping was a year round event so I didn’t appreciate the shorter window we have in Washington to comfortably camp. Now the summer season is packed with all the things wilderness and all the sun wonderfuls. I used this first at a summer camp in Michigan and never looked back.

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