May 2017 Favorites

I’ve kept a secret from all the ladies out there…unknowingly, I promise! It’s about caring for your face. I grew up with sensitive skin, but I only discovered this the hard way in my mid-twenties and then I reoriented my entire regiment for my facial care. I have my sister-in-law to thank, she is a wonderful PA for a dermatology clinic in Colorado and turned me on to Mychelle. They are leading producers of plant-based and bioactive skin care products that feel amazing and I’m not trying to sell it, it’s just my favorites list this month. The white cranberry cleanse is my daily facial cleanser – shout that out!

Celebrating friends getting married is always a favorite! This month we had a very special wedding to attend on Whidbey Island at Fireseed Catering. A ferry ride in the sunshine is a must do Seattle summer thing and a forced one to a wedding, I’ll gladly accept! It happened to be one of the first sunny, warm days too – guests were left for a true cocktail hour to bask in the sun, the first day many of us had had since October. My husband and I had a wonderful time identifying flowers in the numerous gardens with my new Plant finder App.

We demolished our back door stairs + landing and a bricked patio + herb garden to make way for a new deck and fence. We had a rusty chain-link fence that was failing and with a new pup it was time to feel safe leaving her in the backyard without constant fear of her escaping or jumping over it’s short height. The project was exciting for us because it was a long winter and the weather was starting to clear up. The dirt was still wet and malleable from the wet spring so footings were easy to dig. We used composite decking planks that I specify on my custom homes and real cedar for the fence. Overall it was a perfect project because it was short-ish and sweet and will become the center of our summer entertaining. We have a long guest list of hosting friends and family over the next few months – so we are all set!

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