May 2016 Favorites

patricia urquiola – this spaniard is everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. She is the latest and greatest / doing all things grand and interesting / pushing the limits in the design world. And yea for being female! I am currently smitten with Moroso and she always has my favorite pieces in their collection.

Hells Canyon inspired my soul and gathered my thoughts. This is our campsite the first night and this photo is the morning waking up in the canyon. The light changed over each outcropping of rock, the weather was wild and unruly, and my body was protected by the drysuit – I can’t imagine how someone would have developed such a miraculous product that allows one to be so comfortable on the river and be so well engineered to keep water at bay.

Fire lookout towers. There are many still around in the Northwest – around 100 still active in Washington even though there used to be thousands that actually functioned to shelter people posted up to look for fires and alert the fireman before they got out of hand. Jack Kerouac was even a fire lookout man for a summer in the 1960s and wrote ‘Desolation Angels’ during his time staying perched atop Desolation Peak. Our friends recently did an overnight in the Mt Pilchuck fire lookout – this sounds right up our alley given our summer hiking fever.

With this time of year and the fruit coming-of-ripe-age, the jamming season has begun! I debuted apricots as the kick-off fruit and have been eating this lovely jam on all sorts of delightful items: chicken for a moroccan flair, english muffins with peanut butter in the mornings for my fuel and thinking about making thumbprint cookies because apricot pairs so well with buttery sables – maybe anise flavored sables if I’m feeling radical 🙂

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