Mutina tex raw-edge

This is something I have in a current project and hoping it doesn’t get value engineered (the dreaded ‘VE’ – y’all architects know what I’m talking about!) It’s this beautiful tile backsplash in a coffee bar and will be the star of the show if it moves forward.

The tile is by the Italian Mutina and the porcelain tile collection is called ‘tex’. It comes in 8 colorways – and each colorway has 3 subtly different colors to mix and match so there can be more than flat color. To kick it up another notch, they provide 3 different textures in a random assortment so the textural, raw edges of the tile are much more alive than their glossy predecessors.

Another feature I appreciate is the series has come up with crates that give you a random assortment of color distribution so you order a ‘RUNNER’ and pick you number and they can be installed easily like this photo below so you don’t have to spend hours designing this pattern yourself and communicating it to a contractor how to install it:

mutina_tex_02 mutina_tex_03 mutina_tex_04


If this project ends up using it – I will DEFINITELY share the photo of the finished product. If anything, I am glad to just have the sample tiles at my desk to look at and smile upon.

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