November 2016 Favorites


The Burke Museum on UW’s campus. They are under renovation for a brand new facility, but the existing one is still open and we went for Free Thursday to see the temporary special exhibit titled Wild Nearby about the Cascade Mountain range. It’s always lovely to learn about flora and fauna that I have seen, but didn’t know anything about until now.

sea-wolf-loaf sea-wolf-logo

Sea Wolf Bakers is a new addition to the Wallyhood and happens to be next door to our favorite restaurant Manolin. They have been open a few short weeks and have made a killing. We adore their pain au chocolat (our staple judgement of how good or no good a bakery could be is determined by this classic) because it has dark chocolate and, boy, is it dark! They just serve drip coffee so the hubby was satisfied, but for those who know me, espresso is the way to opening my soul. I don’t dock it any points because the drip is satisfying and delicate to pair with the rich pastries they offer and their mugs kill me in cuteness.


A writer friend has always been my supply for the literature addiction I have in the winter and on my commute. I am always impressed by the “products” he sells and they always get me high. This month was a book titled Annie John, a concise run-on biography of a girl in Antigua coming of age. The relationship with her mother evolves as she painfully navigates the hormonal changes she experiences with little guidance and understanding other than being true to herself and wrestling honestly with life’s outcomes.


And what can I say? Am I getting old if these multi-vitamins (gummies nonetheless!) is making the favorites list? In all honesty, if you are feeling worn out or tired, could be lack of vitamins or the absorption properties needed to get your nutrients. Makes all the difference, y’all.


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