Phinney Infill – Rudy’s Barbershop neighbor

Phinney Ridge is bustling at the corner of N 65th Street and Phinney Ave. It’s 2 blocks from what I would consider the ‘heart’ of Phinney Ridge with the Phinney Neighborhood Association standing proud and where Greenwood Avenue becomes Phinney Avenue – the transition is clear. Rudy’s Barbershop is always busy and pedestrians walk to the farmer’s market at PNA or to get a burger at Red Mill Burgers or a coffee at Starbucks. There was a commercial space on the corner that was sold in June 2016 from the Koutraki family to an Baker Investment Partners LLC.

If anyone remembers the site, it was an old 1902 building directly adjacent to Rudy’s and retail shops in a newer building directly on the corner. Le Merde clothing and accessories was there for most recently and Meditteranian Specialty Food & Wine was the other storefront of note.

A common problem with construction (and, frankly, Seattle in general!) is the lack of respect to those here. This manifests in construction sites with graffiti and trash and camping illegally. This was the state of the building before demolition and while site work was done on the other half. The construction fencing was also littered with graffiti from day one it was put up. I think we should have better enforcement and more presence in the neighborhood for this type of behavior. There should be stricter enforcement and greater consequences for acting in a disrespectful way because it plays out in larger society if not dealt with in the most fundamental way. Off the soap box for me and on to the project at hand….

Two parcels were bough by Baker Investment Partners and then subdivided into 6 lots for the selling of 6 future residential units when construction is done. These guys at Blueprint Capital are on the financial responsibility form as the property manager. Fidelis Modern Homes is the other company Greg Baker owns that is doing the construction. They don’t have a real website so maybe their first project. I found some renderings on Blueprint’s website to share and they are cold and unhuman like for townhomes by KO Architecture. The kitchen is the dining room. The stairs take up a quarter of the floorplan on each floor and they are only a maximum of 2 bedroom so families with multiple children will not be looking to buy these.

Dirt work has started quickly. I stopped by even after these photos were taken and the foundation formwork had been defined in the earth and was ready for the lumber and laying rebar. Seems like a smaller outfit is doing the construction because it is moving at a pretty slow pace and with a smaller crew than what I typically see here. There was no design review for this project – which I don’t know how is possible given the size of the project and the location on the prominent corner. Doesn’t that make you wonder?

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