Phinney Ridge Infill – Take 5 Urban Market neighbor


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6752 Division Ave is where a home once stood. It has since been demolished and a ripped apart concrete foundation piles up on its lawn. I had a chance to do a drive-by and found the pulled permit for the work. Ryatt Construction pulled a permit for to ‘DEMO EXISTING. NEW CONSTRUCTION. (2) NEW 6″ SEWERS TO MAIN. DISCHARGE TO COMBO. GSI PER PLAN. RELOCATE (E) SIDE SEWER FOR 6757 8TH AVE NW’. This is just behind Take 5 Urban Market on the corner of 8th Ave NW and NW 70th St.


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The most interesting part of the site visit was the neighbor across the street who had posted this sign in their parking strip tree trunk that wants to communicate the project is out of scale, contained no community involvement in the process and will be a concern for future safety of increased traffic.

IMG_6434 IMG_6435

David Marco is the Windermere agent selling the property and Blueprint is the Seattle company who did the ‘design’. It appears the team comprises of a former member of the Pb Elemental architecture firm that is no longer in existence. David Bittle, one of their co-founders, is listed as ‘Building Services Manager’ and does the architectural design for Blueprint. The design aesthetic shown here is completely at a loss for the design work Pb Elemental was doing before the 2008 meltdown, although I will say it was all happening fast and flashy so the substance and authenticity was always missing from their work.

Back to this project, the rendering on the tree placard is much nicer than the one I found on Blueprint’s website for the 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom 1,400 SF townhomes:

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