Phinney Ridge Infill – Woodland Park Presbyterian church neighbor



There is a strange and empty lot at the corner of 70th and Greenwood – across from the Woodland Park Presbyterian Church in Phinney Ridge. It has been vacant for months and has been flattened and fenced – for privacy and perhaps secrecy. Who knows? There is no signage pointing to a land use action or a contractor/design team advertisement. Just a plastic wrapped fence. Odd in my book!

I finally made it out tonight, now that the summer days are coming and the light will be out longer, I can photograph sites after work on weekdays. I took these 2 shots through the only hole in the fence where the chainlink lock is run through the gate. Nearest I could figure, there remains a parking lot, still flattened asphalt, with some sewage lines running between a couple of pumps and the other corner of the site.

IMG_6420 IMG_6423 IMG_6424

This church doesn’t have any news of expansion on its docket in newsletters I searched through and I couldn’t find any news articles online of the sort. I did find a DPD permit status update for the property addressed as 7009 Greenwood Ave. that was completed April 26, 2011. It reads, ‘Demolish commercial building per site plan (approx 8690 sq ft) subject to field inspection.’ It appears Orowheat bakery was on the site prior to the flat, structure-less one that exists now. What is stranger still is the applicant on the demolition permit is a geotechnical firm by the name Landau Associates. They specialize in large-scale development with an environmental or storm water management component. I wonder…

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