Red Tape Tube Architecture – A brief manifesto on why there is no progressive architecture in Seattle


Tantilizing bait latches onto people’s ambitious side, whether ambition be the forefront of that mind or deeply concealed and protected.

Ambition deep down, ambition bottoms up. Either feed the drive. Side drive. Seattle drive.

Together pulled into an urban hustle, but with the promise of endless wilderness exploration. The first paradox, Urban Escape.

The only thing not in delicate peril is our like mindedness.

Out to fulfill ambitious mission means no time for coming together unless bound by similar mission. Another’s support for your end. The demands of the ambitious want to be enveloped by design. Design is intelligence. Looking and feeling more sophisticated. That’s the idea. 

Design tantalizes the saavy, but no time is given to see it develop. Paradox unfolds as ambition takes hold. Design in mind’s eye.

Chaos overwhelms and overwhelming for brilliant minds end with a tendency to organize.

Slowly the paradox is chained.

Formality takes over and channels are laid by which to operate through. Operating in place for good tendency, but side effects deactivate the active. By spilling or stripping the hope and curiosity out of a vision, or putting the idea through the red tape tube, moving like sewage in the pipeline – getting stuck, meandering, leaking out the cracks and never getting there in one piece as intended.

The idea gets bandaged, wrapped and put out for consumption, only half of what you wanted. Diluting the effort and the wherewithal of the extraordinary.

You get what you pay. For heaven’s sake.

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