September 2016 Favorites



These are not my images, but they do convey the spirit of the chef Massimo Bottura, Moderna’s chef who made international waves with his cuisine at Osteria Francescana (a world’s top 50 restaurant). I found out about the man and the restaurant in the Chef’s Table opening episode. If you haven’t heard of it, watch it. If you have been recommended to watch it, watch it. If you hear people talking about it, watch it! I was told by many people for several months about this show and finally gave in. Boy, was I impressed and delighted and inspired. Not how I typically walk away from watching something on television. Massimo and many others share their passion for cooking and all are similar characters, driven by crazy obsession and drive to do things no one has done in the cooking realm. The fact that he marries an American girl rocks my world for the duo that they are.



This building at 6th and Davis in Portland Oregon also rocked my world this month. I am working on a new commercial project that will use a specialized curtainwall system and we are shopping around for the right product/manufacturer. This project has operable curtainwall that is barely there and beautiful by EFCO. The 2″ wide profile is thin and the SSG (Structurally secured glazing) makes for a minimal aesthetic and sight lines. Not only that, but I discovered the project is also revolutionary for its all heavy timber construction at 5-stories tall. This is not the only one of its kind, but these days it is more rare to see and is a sustainable feature that I am drooling over.


Cross country ski season is upon us and I have been thinking about the new ski boots coming out since July. This is quite sad, as the summer I will dearly miss. It is my way of getting ultra excited for a time of year that I am learning to embrace and not shun because it is so much of life in the PNW. These sexy Rossignol’s caught my eye at a recent trip to Mazama where we mountain biked by day and shopped for used ski gear by evening. Will these dawn my feet come November? I hope so!


And last, but not least, San Fermo. A new Italian concept restaurant in Ballard. There was a little historic house among all the industrial brick buildings along it’s main drag that I always wanted to know the story behind. Because it was a hold out and because it was just so darn attractive. It was a farmhouse style, the era and architecture before the craftsman made its debut shortly after. This house has been under restoration for the last couple of years and finally opened as the restaurant. We decided it was worth a try given all the buzz about town. I had the Rigatoni Amatricia with peppers and pork – delicious! It was not cheap and we will not be going back anytime soon, but it was well worth the date night for my husband and I to relax on their beautiful outdoor patio deck that hovers above a busy street, but you are in a cravass between brick buildings in your own oasis.

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