Tactility factory concrete


Linen infused, velvet infused or beaded crystal infused! Geometric, Organic patterns, Oh My!

A¬†collaboration between Ruth Morrow, an architect,¬†and Trish Belford, a textile designer, made a truly original product offering. The United Kingdom company just got a US patent for their tile products last year and I have loved the samples I have seen. Particularly the threaded & stitched combination of fabric and concrete is appealing because it is something hard with air gaps to something also not completely solid, but light and soft. From a blurb on the University of Belfast’s website, ‘The textiles are not used to create an imprint, instead they have been designed and developed topermanently co-form the surface of precast concrete in ways that prevent them from being subsumed by or removed from the concrete. Textiles cover the full surface, even where it seems that it is just concrete.’

Can you imagine the possibilities now that this product is out there and starting to cast things into the concrete – next could be casting lime skins or rubber or ceramics. Anything could happen!

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