Wallingford Infill – Bridge Way Apartments

At the corner of Bridge Way N and Woodland Park Avenue N there is a six-story apartment building being construction that will contain 41 units total and is seeking a Living Building Pilot Pedal Certificate. The International Living Future Institute has a Petal program that is described here. Essentially the goals are to cut down on the energy the building uses, build with materials that are ‘healthier’ to the environment and reduce water consumption and water waste.

Public47 Architects are behind the design and their multi-family projects are of a high quality not often seen around this city. I suspect these apartments will be fully booked forever after the project is completed. Shilshole Development is behind the project as both owner and developer. A rendering from Public47’s website for the project is here:

I love this diagram they provided about the energy use. Public47 claims the building will gather 105% of it’s energy from photovoltaics and other conservation measures and will be the most sustainable apartment project in the U.S.! That is saying something!

I am looking forward to this project being finished and hope the landscaping is worthy of  the environmental message they have sent with their pledge to do the Living Building Pilot Pedal program! It sure will make Bridge Way Ave a more pleasant experience when coming or going from Wallingford.


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