Wallingford Infill – CVS Pharmacy

Unfortunately, Wallingford is going to host another pharmacy. Does it really matter if I tell you the name? Not really, because they are all the same. Plus, I already revealed the name in the title. I walked by the site today and the brick building had been gutted down to the veneer to save it’s historic facade character but this will do no good.


There was a wreath on the outside with a white cross bearing the handwritten note: RIP Moon Temple – a former neighborhood restaurant now closed for the new development. There is quite a few complaint documents under the permit number of the project – one is 32 pages of emails! Most of the complaints relate to the use – too many pharmacies already – and the ugliness of the design – my favorite quote was from a guy who said, “If the design tried to take my daughter to prom, I would laugh my ass off before slamming the door in its face while it went crying back to its powder blue Geo Metro”.

The design went though an Early Design Guidance with the City of Seattle’s DPD to show options of the facade treatment. Here are 2 options:

CVS_elev01 CVS_elev02

I understand why all the complaint letters – there is a lot of beige and a lot of non-character, even though the package put together by the architect is rife with greenery, such as street trees and showing pretty images of vegetation, and historic Wallingford charm, of which this design does not take after any of it:

The worst part of this is the parking lot they are going to keep at the rear of the lot. 25 parking spots for 13,000 SF of retail space. I can’t be more disappointed. 45th is already an excellent pedestrian and bus thoroughfare and well established from the neighborhood to eliminate more parking. The site kept the steel framing and flat wooden roof joists in preparation for the new. There is also quite a bit of graffiti on the newly exposed (but old) brick party wall adjoining the 2 lots. Here are photos from my site walk today:

IMG_2383 IMG_2384



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