Walls walls walls

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Walls are ubiquitous as cell phone clutching is for anyone under thirty. Almost anything in front of us is a wall. Look up now. Is it the bus front (wall) or the wall in your bedroom? Perhaps you are at a park and there is a wall you are sitting on? Or at a cafe with the table and your back to a wall? Our environs are an assortment of walls following an organization of plats, dictated from land grabbing, defined by our founding fathers and put onto paper to make it official. These ideals gradually swept west by our ancestors.

They define everything. They give meaning to the meaningless nothingness, turning nothingness into a something. They define allowances and privilege, they give us property and make us proprietors. Imagine for a moment how status is obtained – now imagine that same status without land ownership or walls. Imagine it without means of ownership, but more important protection. I think of very few instances where an influential human did not use walls ot their advantage. Gandhi was one who opposed walls and was out in and with the public, not under private protection of walls.


When we are unborn, but growing, we are inside our mothers walls and when we die we are closed off and walled from the world to be laid to rest. Coffin or urn or tomb. Walls walls walls.

I would even mention the appeal of the outdoors is to break free, out in the open with sky, clouds, earth and horizons. But aren’t those trees your wall? Aren’t those mountains off in the distance your walls?

wall of trees

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